Cloud 9 black and white print

Working Hard!

Sunday, 14 April 2019 18:41

There’s just a month left until Spring Fling, the largest open studio event in our region. It takes place over the late May Bank Holiday and this is my first time taking part.

I’ve been so busy! I’m trying to give everyone the chance to own something original by creating smaller pieces. Surprisingly lots of smaller paintings can take as long as one or two larger ones and I’m framing the small cavases as well. 

I’m concentrating largely on my woodland work, but I’m pulling in ideas sourced during our visits to The Enchnated Forest at Pitlochry. This has taken different forms and led onto other work. It’s a real progression of theme.

The bright colours have inspired a larger palette. 

These are still ‘my colours’, ones which appear in much of my work.

However, it was this painting that started the use of a flat brush

and square shapes of paint. 

And this is what happened next!

Little canvases, which will be framed in white, with candy colours. The subjects are still trees, but painted in a more abstract Cubist style. They are proving popular already, generating a lot of social media interest.

I still have much to do - I’ve got a very long list! 

Do let me know if you’re coming along to Spring Fling. Besides seeing me working, having a nose through my sketchbooks and seeing finished pieces on display you can also enjoy a cuppa and a homebaked cake at the Cloud 9 Cafe, with proceeeds going to MacMillan Cancer Support. It would be lovely to see you!

Take care,