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Fab news and new work!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 09:52

Since blogging last quite a lot has been happening on Cloud 9.

In October last year I bravely applied for Spring Fling, Dumfries and Galloway’s open studio event and one of the most prestigious in Scotland - if not the UK. In November I leanred the fantastic news that I had been accepted and would be one of the 94 artists and makers chosen...

…and then I had to stay quiet until the oficial announcement was made! And believe me, that was hard! So part from family and very, very close friends nobody knew until a couple of weeks ago, when finally I was allowed to tell all.

Spring Fling takes place over the last bank holiday in May and artists open their studio doors to thousands of visitors travelling from all over the UK. It’s a huge event and I am understandably overjoyed to be a part of it and be recognised as a Proper Artist! Although I would always play down the importance of recognition, it is a big thing to me to be deemed good enough to be part of the clan, even if for just one year!

So know I have the enormous task of preparing for the event. Today I will go to Gracefield and collect my share of brochures and my signage and then it’ll start to feel everso slightly real. Brochures can be collected from Cloud 9 from Thursday. If you have a venue that would benefit from a pile of brochures, please let me know - I plan to take a couple of boxes!

In the same week that I was allowed to tell all, I again travelled down to Birmingham’s ICC to attend Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday 2019 event. This made me laugh!

I was one of five attending from Dumfries and Galloway - a brilliant number for such a low populated region! 

Once again I enjoyed listening to the inspirational talks, meeting friends and making new ones and getting a chance to sit down and talk on a one to one with some of the event sponsors. The fact that Grant and I travelled there and back first class made the day all the better! 

We learned that we were just 4% of the businesses that applied to be chosen by Theo each week - a very select and fabulous 4%. That’s incredible. I was so proud to hear that, especially as when I was chosen it was my first tweet to Theo. It’s lovely to know that Cloud 9 and I stood out enough to be chosen!

So then, what am I working on? Well I’ve got another exhibition to worry about before Spring Fling takes place, so I’m doing a bit of textile work at the moment. In March I will be one quarter of a group exhibiting at the very lovely Harbour Cottage Gallery in Kirkcudbright, showing work inspired by Galloway. I’ve chosen to display my felting work, made using recycled woollens and reclaimed glass. There isn’t much for me to do - so long as I don’t have a run on sales before the exhibition!

And I’m also working on my paintings. So far this year I have completed six new large paintings. I have two more planned, as well as some smaller pieces. I’m hoping to have a range of work on display come the end of May.

I am working very hard and to make sure that I get on with my work I have chosen to close the gallery on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am there, at the gallery, but in my studio painting away!

Lastly, before I go, I’ve added to my jewellery range made out of the otherwise would be discarded paint from my palette. You can find new earrings in my Etsy shop. I am working on adding these to my website, but at the moment I’m a little busy with other things!

See you soon, Julie x