Cloud 9 black and white print

Painting in the Big Outdoors

Tuesday, 26 June 2018 14:14

I recently attended Moffat Classic Car Rally with my trusty Citroën Acadiane, René, alongside my friends from the Spinning Wheels Motor Club. I carry materials with me in the van, in case I feel inspired to pull up and paint, but rarely seem to get time to do this these days. I should make more time. I decided to take a big canvas and the dreaded sketching easel (which I hate - it always makes me looks as if I’m setting up an old deckchair!) and paint at the back of the van.Ready to start!

This went really well and I got a lot done, whilst chatting to onlookers. I also got quite sunburnt, but that’s not unusual for me, being so pale - even with factor 50 on! I do my best to shade and wear a hat, but I’m just not cut out for extremely sunny weather. 

Finding time to fit everything in is never easy. Having the gallery to run whilst trying to create new work is always a challenge, but I’m seeming to manage that better these days. I think I have just accepted that this is how it is and stopped worrying about be open when people want me to be, or being closed when I need to be. 

Last week I finally completed a wall hanging which I had previously displayed as ‘finished’, but hated how it was displayed. After dismantling the top and trying to work out many different ways of putting it back together so that the hanging was properly supported, I eventually did the most simplest thing and added another panel. This solved the whole issue and the picture is now happily hanging in the wee courtyard during opening hours.

This has spurred me onto looking at creating a series of similar pictures, all smaller and framed. I’ve even started sketching them, which is very unusual for me! I’m looking for 100% wool knitwear, hand wash only, so if you have some heading for recycling please let me know! I’ll be happy to make art from them.