Cloud 9 black and white print

Painting Small

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 20:00

This time last year I was packing 50 tiny paintings up to send to their new owners. It was hard work, but enormous fun and together we raised a fair bit of money for charity. 

At the moment I am juggling several artistic balls. For a start I am busily printing a variety of sized prints and cards of my most popular paintings, which can be bought at the gallery but also from this website. I’m very particular about the quality of my prints and the only time I allowed a print house to print them, I was really disappointed with the result. 

I’m restricted to the size of the prints I can make myself, the largest size being what is known as A3+, a size between A3 and A2. I have considered buying a printer capable of producing up to A1 prints, but the cost of the printer and then feeding it with ink really puts it out of my reach. Crowdfunding is an option, with me giving away cards and prints as the way of rewarding donations. I’m still thinking about that one.

So whilst I ponder I’m also painting through in the studio. Painting small and painting large! These little paintings are 4 x 6 inch box canvases mounted in a frame and have been great fun to do in between larger works. I’m using previous works as inspiration, but changing colours and focus to make them unique in their own right.

In the studio I’m working on a woodland painting with which my newsletter followers have been helping me. Back at the beginning of the month I asked them to choose flowers for me to add and they picked wood anemones and bluebells. These will be added once I’ve completed the mid ground.

I enjoy painting woodlands far more than anything else, I have to admit. I love the sense of reverence they hold. These paintings take time. I layer subtle shades and tones, using colours that are very close on the colour wheel - a limited palette.

I have a workshop coming up in which I will teach painting trees and woodlands. It has been moved to a Saturday, mostly to suit more people. Take a look in the workshops page for details or give me a call.