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Not on the High Street

Tuesday, 24 April 2018 11:21

As a small business not found on the High Street, I quite often find myself being overlooked. This isn’t helped when all of the current focus is on our High Street and what can be done to improve it. Whilst I’m happy to support initiatives that look at bringing business back to the High Street (as this must have an impact on the town as a whole) I’m really worried when these campaigns focus on what we haven’t got. To me that’s negativity. And I am not a negative person. 

All too often keyboard warriors shout about the things that annoy them, all the things that are wrong in their world, and they have no thought of the damage they inflict in so doing. For example, if I were to tell everyone who follows me on social media that my town has no shops, that I always go to a neighbouring city to do my shopping and that it is a “ghost town” what possible reason would anyone else have to visit it? And yet this is what is happening. Even the people supposedly in charge are doing it. 

I decided that I had to fight back and so I’ve started a Facebook page called Not on Dumfries High Street. Its purpose is to focus on the businesses that are on the many side streets in the town. Many of those businesses are independent, like mine, and are suffering, like mine, because locals are sending shoppers and tourists elsewhere with their thoughtless comments. I’m hoping that the businesses I highlight won’t just look at promoting themselves, but will help to change the impression of the town - making it more worthy of visiting. It’s all about working together. I hope Dumfries can do that.

Within a week of starting the page I had over 100 likes and it currently stands at just below 300 likes. I’m getting reviews left stating that it is a great idea and one lady actually came to the gallery on Saturday and thanked me for starting the page! She also said that without the page she wouldn’t have known about the existence of Cloud 9 and that makes the time I’m taking to build the page worthwhile, especially as she bought something before she left! If I can help just one other business to be seen, I’ll be happy.

Feel free to find the page on Facebook. I haven’t done anything to promote it or thought about other social media platforms because, quite frankly, I have enough to do! Your wee like would help me to help Dumfries though…just saying!