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Almost, but not quite!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 11:28

Last week was a bit of a blur, thanks to the prospect of being a DG Life Awards winner. Although I’ve won other awards for the gallery, this one meant a lot because it was my customers who had nominated me for it. In many ways, as I said before, just being worthy of a nomination was enough. Getting shortlisted was amazing.

Sadly I didn’t win my category, but I was up against two very strong candidates and I went home happy to have been at the ceremony at all. 

So, what’s next? Well I’ve got lots to keep my mind buzzing. I’m obviously in the throes of preparing the gallery for Christmas (although I steadfastly refuse to start the Christmas music until December arrives!). I’ve been making some new jewellery from flakes of paint from my palette, which always delight me. I’ve made studs and hoops, for pierced and unpierced ears - some using sterling silver, others using non-nasty metals! Prices start at £15.

I have a couple of lovely workshops coming up, both still with spaces on them. Click across to workshops to see those.

And I’m looking at a couple of campaigns to help people like you to remember to support businesses like mine!

The first happens next week and is the Just a Card - Indie Week campaign. I’ve followed Just a Card for a few years now and, if you’ve been to the gallery, you will have seen their little postcards scattered about the shelves. It’s to say that little businesses often rely on the little sales that some people feel embarrassed to make; that going into a small business, looking and leaving with nothing helps no one. So buy a card. Don’t be embarrassed. Just buy a card. If everyone who came into my gallery did that, maybe I could pay myself once in a while!

The second in Small Business Saturday on December 1st. It’s the day lodged between Black Friday and Cyber Monday - the lowest weekend fiancially for small independent businesses because the big boys are throwing massive deals at you, both in store and online. This campaign is to remind you that those little businesses need support because they hope to be there on your town’s streets all year round, not just at Christmas - but they need your support all year round. 

Then, because I’m a glutton for punishment and I love what I do, I’ll be opening the gallery every Sunday afternoon on the lead up to Christmas, starting on the 2nd. This is also Light Switch On Day in Dumfries and there’s going to be a lot going on, but mostly on the High Street. So if you are in town on that afternoon pleasse remember the small indies, like me, on the side streets and take a wander. Thank you!