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The Lovely Life Planner

Saturday, 23 September 2017 10:58

Last year I was telling you all about a wonderful life and business planner I’d been using and many of you followed suit and bought one of your own. I’ve faithfully used mine during 2017, logging my recovery after surgery and important dates and so on, but soon discovered that the planner didn’t quite have everything in it that I wanted and was a bit too airy-fairy for me. 

So I set about designing my own. 

What I’ve designed is something that can be downloaded and printed on a home printer and then put into a folder of your choosing. It’s flexible; you can just put the things in that you need and move things about or add to them as necessary. I called it The Lovely Life Planner and I hope that it helps at least me to organise my life a little better!

It comes in three paper sizes: A4, A5 and US Letter. I’ve chosen the A5 version, as you can see. 

I’m blogging about it at this website:

And you can download your own copy from my Etsy shop! Go and have a look!