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It's goodbye Tinies!

Thursday, 22 June 2017 19:48

Yesterday I parcelled up forty-eight tiny canvases, ready for their new owners. It literally took me all day to match paintings up to their destinations, print out a certificate of authenticity for each one and then carefully wrap them up in specially printed wrapping paper. 


So, at the moment, some parcels are winging their way to letterboxes, whilst others are waiting for their new owners to collect them. It’s been an amazing last month!

Come Saturday I suddenly realised that I was closing one exhibition with nothing to replace it! It’s not like me to not plan ahead, but I guess that the Tiny Paintings have taken over a little bit and maybe I was a bit overwhelmed. However inspiration came as my thoughts turned to tomorrow’s Woolfest at Cockermouth. 

Woolfest is a bit of pilgrimage for me. I wasn’t able to attend last year because of my back problems and the year before saw me hobbling around on crutches as the pain worsened. This year ill be altogether different! Woolfest is a Mecca for fibre enthusiasts and I usually go armed with huge IKEA bags and a credit card!

With my head full of fibre it seemed only right for my next exhibition to be woolly based. My talented friend and textile artist Caroline Townsend-Sawley had recently exhibited her own work at the International Sheep Veterinary Society Congress at Harrogate and her amazing Fifty Breed Scarf is a sight to behold. I was over the moon when Caroline agreed to exhibit her scarves alongside my own vases. 

Our joint exhibition can be seen now until July 15th.