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Guid Nychburris!

Saturday, 10 June 2017 12:59

When I first came up to Dumfries and started working in a local primary school, June came around and everyone started talking about Good Neighbours. It was the local gala and primary school children were all invoved in prize winning activities from handwriting to football and the event culminated in a gala day on the third weekend in June.

Imagine my confusion when I started getting written information coming through for Guid Nychburris, seemingly doing the same things as Good Neighbours were. How odd, I thought! 

Until the penny dropped!

It still causes confusion to those who don’t know that the two are one and the same, but I’ve learnt my lesson!

The Guid Nychburris Association work tirelessly to ensure that the event runs smoothly and try to invove as many areas of the community as possible. As I co-ordinate the Dumfries Art Trail I approached them a few years back asking if we could run a trail day as part of their attractions and they not only said yes, but they have asked us back every year since!

So on June 17th members of Dumfries Art Trail will be arrowing up the town and guiding folk from one venue to another. There will be an I-Spy type treasure hunt for kids (big and little) and a lucky dip prize for those who find all items listed. It’s a great way of showing people how vibrant the visual art scene is in Dumfries and filling those awkward hours between official events!

Maps can be picked up at our temporary gazebo HQ on the High Street and from any of the venues on the trail. 

Take a look at the DART website

Receiving Third Place for my Guid Nychburris Window!