Cloud 9 black and white print

Open Studio Weekend

Sunday, 28 May 2017 18:49

It’s 8pm on Sunday night and two days of my open studio event have successfully passed by. I’ve met new customers and well kenned ones over the last two days and I’ve still got another two days to go! 

I should maybe feel a bit guilty riding on the coat tails of Spring Fling. I should be a bit shame faced at parking René outside Gracefield Arts Centre. But I don’t. I’m just doing what any sane business woman would do. I’m taking advantage of a situation, without causing hurt or harm, breaking any rules or, hopefully, annoying anyone

My gallery will be open at 10am tomorrow and on Tuesday too. 

Tiny Painting Exhibition

The exhibition has been really well received. The first round of auction lots have been successfully won by winning bidders and the second round will be finishing tomorrow at 10am. It’s been a fab way of engaging people in the sale of paintings, especially if they don’t live close enough to the gallery to visit. The third round has just been released, leaving two more to go! Keep an eye open for your painting!


This week Cloud 9 will be open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday between 10 and 4 and on Friday between 10 and 3, but closed on Wednesday and Saturday.  As usual I’ll be opening the studio on Thursday to crafters in the morning and knitters in the afternoon. Come along between 11-1 and 2-4.  It’s a fab way of meeting new people and relaxing in my Cloud 9 studio whilst enjoying your arts and crafts.