Cloud 9 black and white print

Little and Often

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 10:39

Since last posting I’ve been up to Edinburgh, had surgery on my spine and I’m now recovering. It was a big operation, lasting five excruciating hours for my very nervous husband, and afterwards I ended up in intensive care until my extremely low blood pressure started to climb. That in itself was ironic because my blood pressure had been so high before surgery! 

My recovery started off with me spending a huge amount of the day lying flat, interspersed with short walks and short sits. Gradually I’ve readjusted the times I spent doing each and now I can now sit for long enough to complete a painting - so long as the canvas is small enough to fit in your hand!

So that’s what I’m doing!

Before I went into hospital I did a bit of ‘nesting’, getting things ready so that when I came out I could at least do something to stop me getting bored. I don’t watch daytime TV, in fact I watch very little TV, so I needed something else to do. I purchased some small canvases, but mixed centimetres and inches and ended up with forty 7cm square canvases when I thought I was getting 7 inch square ones!

Undeterred, I joined a Facebook group led by an artist friend, Ruthie Redden, called Sketch a Day. Ruthie and other members of the group post up a daily topic and we all wander off and sketch something to go with that. I was determined to keep to the idea of a ‘sketch’, so painting small meant I could do so more quickly than if I was painting big. And I had forty little canvases to use up, darn it!

So far our topics have been pretty diverse and I’ve managed to find something to sketch, or at least copy from a photograph (usually my own or copyright free), everyday. 

Dandelion Clock miniatureBella, tortoiseshell cat miniatureDerelict window study, miniature

Occasionally I post these for public consumption and they are proving popular, with a few asks as to whether they will be for sale (always a good sign!) I’ve answered that, honestly, I hadn’t considered that anyone would want to buy them, but that a Mini Exhibition at the gallery, followed by an auction for charity, might be a lovely thing to do and a great way for me to relaunch my lovely gallery!

Gallery Update

The paint is being purchased this week and Cloud 9 should be repainted within the next couple of weeks. Theres’s a few other alterations I’m wanting done and they should be completed by the time I’m ready to reopen. I can’t tell you how much I’m missing being in my studio and all of my lovely customers, workshoppers and fellow artists! 

I really cannot wait to get back to it!

Love and Light, Julie