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A Week of Awards!

Thursday, 19 October 2017 19:23

Someone today suggested that I put money on the lottery because this week I’ve managed to pick up another two awards for the gallery! 

The first came on Monday evening when Theo Paphitis, former Dragon and entrepreneur, chose Cloud 9 as one of his twelve businesses to join his Twitter Small Business Sunday collective. The first I knew of the win was when my Twitter feed suddenly went crazy, with two hundred notifications and almost as many new followers appearing! 

I spent Monday evening and Tuesday morning thanking everyone and saying hello to other celebrating businesses. At one point I commented that my feed was full of thank yous and James Caan, another former Dragon, clicked his like button. Suddenly I’m living in a surreal online world!

Having barely got over that announcement. on Wednesday evening Twitter notifications suddenly started pinging again. Messages of congratulations started pouring in and it transpired that this time I’d picked up the WOW Women in Business award as chosen by Jacqueline Gold CBE, owner of lingerie empire Anne Summers! 

I’m still getting my head around what all of this means. I will get to meet Theo when I collect my award at his SBS Awards ceremony early next year and there’s other benefits beyond the amazing social media boosts becoming apparent. I am one of only three in Dumfries and Galloway to become an Small Business Sunday winner, and all of us are female business owners!

Next Friday is my Small Biz 100 day, as organised by Small Business Saturday UK, and to celebrate I’m busy planning things which I will be sharing with my lovely newsletter followers! To be on that list, and in with a chance of receiving your invitation to discounts and a special event, remember to sign up by clicking the link at the top of this page.