Cloud 9 black and white print

Rounding up 2016; a reality check!

Friday, 9 December 2016 15:10

I''ve this year become a big fan of a down to earth Australian artist and entrepreneur called Leonie Dawson. Some of you may have heard of her. She''s made her fortune from selling a range of planners for life and business, as well as selling self-help programmes. Her story is pretty amazing and I look forward to getting her emails.  

However there are times when her buoyant emails underline how grotty I''m feeling just now. My energy is spent being the happy and calm face of Cloud 9; when I get home I''m just a big hurt of a wife, wanting to sit in a comfy chair with crisps and gin. And, believe me, there are no comfy chairs anymore. They are all distinctly uncomfortable. If you''re catching up with my blog posts, you''ll maybe not be aware that I am in line for surgery on my spine. It''s a big op and I''m now at the point of wishing it here as soon as possible. Last time I spoke to the Waiting List Lady I was third on the list, not counting emergencies.  

Having just received a huge bundle of new planners from Leonie I was prompted to reopen this year''s workbooks. As these things go, some of the things I wanted to do haven''t happened. Other things have happened without me planning them. Some things hadn''t a hope in hell of happening! Plan big, she says. 

One thing I did do was plan 100 things I wanted to do in 2016. Some of them appeared to be pie in the sky things but, amazingly, they have happened. One thing that is morbidly apparent is that I''m absolutely rubbish thinking about myself!


I have reached the point with the gallery that people not only now know that I''m here, they also make it their first stop for things they want and need. And that is lovely, but it also makes me feel that I have to be open for when they want and need something! I would hate for them to pop by, wanting and needing, and be disappointed by the closed sign and, even worse, go elsewhere! I''ve become trapped by my desire to help and also to be a success.


In 2017, post surgery, I will make a concerted effort to take time for myself and attend workshops and courses - just for the sake of it. There doesn''t have to be a reason to do these things. I''ll also stop worrying about leaving the closed sign up and take more time off! This year has been a success. I''ve hosted two separate exhibitions here, with more new work than I''ve ever done in one year. May''s ''The Very Fabric'' was very well received and I even got myself into the local paper. In November I also launched another series of work entitled ''Short Days, Long Nights'' which focused on the effect of twilight on the landscape. I painted pictures, some very large ones, of which I''m proud. This one is 36" x 48" (that''s 3 metres by 3 metres and a bit.)


''Cree, Evening'' - 2016 © Julie Hollis 

The exhibition is on display until Christmas Eve. The gallery will be closed during January for two excellent reasons;

  • we''re redecorating (and, yes, the gallery really does need it!)
  • I''ll be recovering from surgery.

When I reopen depends on how long both of the above take. In any case I will still be working - I''ve just ordered a whole crate of small canvases which I can paint on from my hospital bed! Take care and have a lovely Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

 Love and Light, Julie